Bedroom Makeover~the next stage.

Well here it is my new Ballard Designs quilt! I posted before about my $0 bedroom makeover here. Well I am going to start spending a little more $'s and finish up the room. My first inspiration was this Ballard Designs quilt that I ordered (click here for original post). I bought an old brass lamp that I plan to paint and add to the side table and I'm on the hunt for a second one. I'm still a bit undecided about the color for the lamp which is why it is not currently in the room. I also plan to do some stenciling on the wall which I found over here. Then I am going to convert the tab top window panels to back tab panels and maybe add a touch of color to them. I'm also on the look out for some new sheets and yellow and grey throw pillows and possibly navy blue ones to add some more color. I also have a door I found for free that I could use for a new headboard if I want. I have not decided if it is going to be for us or my son. Depends on if we get bunk beds or not. I have lots on my mind for this room. It may take me awhile to get it finished as I have an ever mounting pile of sewing orders that need to come first ;0) I figured I better put down all my thoughts so that I can remember exactly what I was planning in the first place. There is no reason I can't post a picture of the new quilt while I am working away on everything else. ~Um please excuse the blue lamp still lingering there, he doesn't realize he is no longer welcome.

I found really great bed making instructions over here. When I followed them I realized I have everything in solid colors so it kind of looks like stripes of brown and white, hence the shopping for new sheets and maybe a blanket. We need a little more pattern to tie this quilt in. I am really color and pattern shy and I'm working on breaking out of that!

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