An interesting conversation with the 3 year old.

My son was playing with his messy markers and he decided to paint his hands. The markers are washable so it is not that big of a deal, but we try to teach him we color on paper only. The washable markers are really great, but since they wash off easily they also wipe onto furniture easily too. So I just told Easton we needed to stop and wash his hands. He was very upset by this and was pouting and fussing while we washed. As he was drying his hands I asked if he wanted to go back to coloring, he told me he did not and then he said to me, "then I'm not going to live here!" "What?..." I said, "well, ok where are you going to live? Outside? Its very cold out there and it does get dark, but if that is where you want to live I guess that's ok. I will miss you though". He paused and said, "no I'll live here because I am your boy". I agreed and told him I would've really missed him, but if he did want to live outside I would help him pack. He assured me he wanted to live at home and I said ok. He then went and laid down in his room since his plan backfired. I went in and told him that I was so happy he decided to stay at home as I would miss him just terribly. He let me know again he was upset and that he was just going to take a nap. So I said night night and closed the door. 2 minutes later he is sitting by me on the couch as chipper as can be. I'm not totally sure what happened here today, but I am happy that my son is living at home warm and happy and that his hands are clean. I also pray he never leaves home on bad terms and NEVER lives outside unless camping or doing mission/charity work;0)


The Evening Journey

The air is damp and the night is quiet, but you can feel the excitement down at the pond. All the frogs are beginning their evening journey. They come by the tens (maybe even twenties and thirties). They begin the journey by hopping up the bank of the pond through the first field, up the hill and through yet another field. All this traveling is worth it to the frogs for the feast that awaits them. They make this journey nearly every night. Someone might look at this mob of frogs and be concerned that it is one of the 10 plagues of Egypt. Alas, the frogs are traveling for a purpose, the Great Feast! A feast so delectable, bugs of all types and sizes everything a growing frog needs- even a baby tree frog. Their little legs begin to get tired from such a long journey, but they muster up strength to cross over the pavement into the yard and finally into the flower bed. And so begins the frog neighborhood potluck! You see Danielle left the porch light on again tonight! The frog community is so grateful to their hostess that decide to thank her with a serenade! There is a tenor who stands out from the rest, he's a little off key, but he means well. Most of the frogs go back to the pond before morning. As for the few gluttons who were not able to make the journey back home, we wish them well tidings and safety from accidental death by shoe.


Fall Decor...

I used to really get into the fall decor. Fall was my favorite time of year! I have a friend, who I still consider very dear, even though we have not seen each other in years. This friend does fall so amazing! I wish I could post pictures. Even though I have not seen her house, I know it is just amazing as always and smelling good with just canned goodies. Every fall I think of her and her wonderful home! We used to chat about all things cozy and crafty over hot drinks while she was baking. Ahhh! Hope you are enjoying fall Sarah!
Anyway, for some reason I just have not been able to grasp onto fall the last few years. I have really been drawn to summer and I don't want summer to be over yet. My house still feels like summer and I like it. I'm going to have to start cozying things up soon here and I have been looking around for some inspiration. Actually, just writing this post about Sarah's home made me excited about fall decor. Currently I am loving twine, shipping tags, numbers, pillow ticking and wool. That sounds cozy and fall like right? The challenge, to get my new stripped curtains to fit in through fall and the holidays.... I'm going to MAKE it work somehow...or maybe just give up and swap them out with the bedroom curtains? We shall see...



Not sure when these curtains will actually get finished, but here is a teaser. I thought I should at least post something up. I have not decided if I am going to line them or just hem the edges which is part of why they are still hanging there unfinished. The other reason is well...I have not gotten around to it.

Not the Perfect Mom.

Ok a very awkward personal post here. Every so often I hear/read comments like, "Oh, you are just the perfect mom!" or "I can tell you are a really wonderful mom". While these comments REALLY ARE very encouraging to me, it also causes some discomfort. I am not the perfect mom. People who know me and see me on a daily basis know better. Feels really conceited to even have a post like this, but some people seem to have gained a skewed image of who I am because of my posts on Facebook (perhaps the blog too?).

Here's the thing: I read blogs and think WOW these women are amazing! They are super heros!!! Perfect, clean houses, lovely children the whole family does craft projects and fun activities together. They always make yummy, healthy food too! They are PERFECT MOMS! They are PERFECT HOUSEKEEPERS! Then they post a picture of how their house really looks and it's so refreshing to know they are normal. Blogs and Facebook posts are not the complete picture- they are just a piece of it. The piece of life that we want to share and remember.

"Oh but Dannie, you always are doing so much, you do all of these projects". First of all, they take me forever to finish because life happens. Second, projects help me get through tough days! Sometimes it's why I get up in the morning. I have Fibromyalgia and therefore many days it would just be easier to stay in bed so the projects help me get excited enough to get going and make breakfast and lunches and do something besides sit on the couch all day. (Although, somedays being a good mommy is sitting on the couch for me because my youngest is big on cuddles and if he has a day where he needs cuddles then I just have to sit and hold him--which is my most favorite day.) I could list all the things I do bad and the things I need to do better. The point of this post is not to depress myself about who I am, but to let those people who might have a misconception know that I am just like the other mothers out there who want the best for their children, but fall short of their goals. Maybe that is being a good mom- TRYING. I would hate for someone to think they need to measure up to me--as anyone who lives near me can attest I'm just treading water like the rest.