Swim Lessons

When I was in Jr. High School my family was visiting my grandma who lived on a lake. My brother (about 3 years old) and I went out on the dock to look at the water and then we turned around to come back in. I heard a small splash and turned around and my brother was gone. I ran up onto the dock and found him floating face down in 2-3 feet of water. I jumped in and pulled him out and he was fine. But the image of his hair floating in the water still creeps me out! So that is why I am so paranoid bringing my kids down to Grandpa's boat on the Marina. This summer we decided to do swim lessons. Both the boys are afraid of water. Hudson hates getting his face wet and Easton just hates water ;0) They both made GREAT progress, but they both still need to be more comfortable. We definately need more lessons ;0)


Birthday Madness!

Well it's that time of year... I say it like that because we have the Christmas season, and then six months later the Birthday Season. So many people with summer birthdays! My boys included. This year we had a joint party since the boys are so close together.

On Easton's actual Birthday we had Micah's parents and my Grandma Bev over for dinner. Grandma Bev made a FAB turkey dinner for us, I think I made the corn. Hoot hoot for Grandma's!!!!

Then on Sat we had the Holtzinger Boys Birthday Bash or "the pretend Birthdays as Hudson called it". Family, friends, water, cake, ice cream and gifts. Need I say more? Uncle Christian flew in the night before and Grandma Bev was still with us. SO we had quite the blast with a full house ;0) The Bennetts let us use their jumping house for the party, how fun!

Then all the company left and life started to be normal again and Hudson had his real Birthday! He was so excited to have another party....oops! So after I got him to stop crying and explained that we were not having a party, but still having a super fun day. We went to a movie with friends, then McDonald's play land, then Hudson got to pick dinner Teriyaki of course. Easton got cranky so Dad and Hudson went off to TOYS R US. Where they gave Hudson a crown, balloon, and he bought a toy. Next they had to run an errand at Trader Joes and they guy there heard it was Hudson's birthday and gave him a tub of cookies and box of Jelly Bellys for free! Hudson was so happy when he came home he was talking in octaves only dogs can hear ;0)