It's done! The quilt is finished and E should be able to open it tomorrow for his Birthday ;0) I'm kinda surprised that I got it done, especially considering all the trouble I had today while trying to get the layers to lay right. I think posting my progress made me more motivated to stay on track. Ahhh, it will be awhile before I attempt anything larger than a baby quilt!!!

Here is the finished product....

Learning about fEaR!

So we took a trip this week to the Seattle Science Center. We had so much fun!!! Anyway, they had the goosebumps exhibit where you learn all about the science of fear. You can try out little fears too. You can put your finger in a little holder and wait for a shock, or get strapped into a falling wall like thing, or put your hand in a little box that might have spiders. Everyone was trying all these things out...NOT ME! Are you kidding! I know there is no spiders in that box, but I don't want to find out what is in there that might feel like one! I hate the anticipation of a shock. Fear of needles? Not me! I could go to the doctor a billion times and I never look away. Doesn't bother me at all. Why? I know what to expect. As soon as it goes in you feel a pinch. No big deal. We go further through the museum and I find myself realizing I have a fear of everything! It's not that I'm actually afraid of everything. I don't like things I can't control, the fear of the unknown or unexpected. Wow, I'm Mr. Monk! I don't like surprises or scary movies. It's not that I'm scared I just really don't like it. In life when things come up that are unexpected stresses, the whole family gets stressed, but it completely takes a drastic toll on me!
We went to the exhibit to help the boys learn more about fear and maybe learn how to over come some of theirs and what I discovered is that I need to REALLY lighten up!
The exhibit further talked about how fear gets you all worked up just like stress and how the two are related in how they can take a toll on your body. So my new goal: lighten up so I don't shut down too early in life.



Day 3 progress...the squares are finished! Despite my greatest efforts to make things look random, I have found numerous patterns that were not intended. Oh well, this is why I do not sew quilts for a living ;0) I think E will know it was made with love. I have to run out tonight and get backing so I can put it all together tonight and stay on schedule. Here are the pics so far...

Easton really wanted the "tires" fabric to go in his blanket too.

You can really see the "pattern" in this one. All the CARS fabric is at a diagonal. Too bad it is only for half the quilt or I could have made it intentional. Oh well, if I aim for perfection, he would never have his blanket. I'm embarassed to post a picture of the whole thing, but here it goes...



Our youngest little man is VERY into the movie CARS. Luckily our eldest already had the movie and the toys when little E came along. Easton rolls the cars everywhere. He carries them in his pockets, takes them to bed, and wants them to come in the car when we leave the house. Needless to say, we were beyond thrilled to find out that CARS 2 was coming out on E's Birthday!!! He is so excited! We are going to see the movie and then out for lunch. What better day for mom to give him his CARS blanket! We found the CARS fabric last fall and I have not been able to get this quilt started. Now with this BIG weekend coming, I had better get it finished. Here's the crazy plan: Monday, wash and iron fabric. Tuesday cut 40 large squares and 32 small squares. Wednesday sew together squares and top stitch. Thursday assemble blanket and stitch the ditch (really thats all I know how to do at this point, maybe I'll try something brave?). Friday, binding. Saturday present the soon to be beloved quilt! So far I am right on track! I will try and post progress pictures. Here is where we are at so far...


Good Things

Sometimes life just seems to fall apart all at once and other times everything seems to be falling in place. Many times -for me at least- these "seasons" are only a few days apart. Is it a matter of outlook? attitude? testing? I don't know. The nice thing about them happening back to back is it seems easier to remember that I need to try and practice thankfulness in both "seasons". Just like the song, "When the darkness closes in Lord, still I will say, 'Blessed be the name of the Lord'!" Today I am just SUPER grateful for all those things that are falling into place. Answers to prayer both so small in insignificant, they hardly seemed worth His time, and those so incredibly huge it seemed impossible! Many thanks for the answers to my prayers! Blessed be the name of the Lord!


New Bedding!

Well I did it! I made my first order from Ballard Designs! Usually I try and just make it myself when I see something I like. This time it was different! I can make a quilt, but these fabrics, for this price! Not a chance! AND it is all the colors I have been drooling over. Apparently, I'm not alone in my admiration of this quilt, as they are sold out in the King and the Queen is on backorder.
My walls are brown and my bedding is white and I love grey and yellow. This piece ties it all together... Here it is, my new quilt that will ship....later because it is on back order.

Lorraine Quilted Beddinghttp://www.ballarddesigns.com/lorraine-quilted-bedding/linens-fabrics/bedding/204166

Finding bedding I like has been difficult ever since I got married. Maybe I am jus super picky, but I have trouble with prints. I can always find something I don't like about everything! I have never made an impulse buy like this. As soon as I finished looking at my new catalog I placed my order. I guess it is actually, not too impulsive when you have been looking for bedding for about 8 years!
Now I'll need to go Thrifting to find me some nice old lamps to spray paint mustard yellow!