I just think they are too cute!

I love that they are starting to play well together.  Although, it is very hard to get a good picture of the both of them.  They both move around so much ;0)

Science and Art Fair

Last night our school had their Science and Art Fair. This was Hudson's (age 4) first year entering a project. He decided to do a painting of a fire truck (surprise, surprise). Here is his painting on canvas....
There is a red road, red fire truck, black police jeep (complete with siren),
a helicopter and the sun.

Here he is standing by his picture...

Here he is explaining his art to Kadence and Mr. Tom ;0)
He got many requests for paintings from a few of the teenage girls,
Grandma Dawn as well as Great Grandpa Perry.
Mom also wants a few more ;0)
We love your picture kiddo, and can't wait to put it
on display in our house.

Dawn's Birthday




This year for Dawn's (my MIL) Birthday she wanted an apron.
So here are some pictures of her and her new apron ;0)


Sorry this next picture is a little fuzzy, but you get the idea at least of the little pleats where the apron strings attach.  I used Amy Butlers Pattern from her book In Stitches.IMG_4446.JPG

The pocket...




The message was heard loud and clear. I try to read a Proverb each day, although I miss more often than I like.  Anyway, last night I was reading Proverbs 20 and what a slam.  I realized that I am just plain being lazy in more than one area of life.  I have used the "still getting back into the swing of things" excuse too much.  Time to get on top of the cleaning and bill paying and cooking good food!  How am I going to accomplish this revolution?  I'm going to try and keep a list of the activities I have done through the day so I can see where my time goes.  
Today:  Change Diaper. Load of Laundry. Make Pancakes. Clean Baby. Clean High Chair. Clean Floor.  Help Hudson with Art Project. Paint Bookshelf.  Freak out because 2 flys came in house.  After three attempts to find the last fly: Do Dishes. Empty Trash in All Rooms. Fabrize Entire House. Mop Floors. 
Give Hudson a Bath after he found the mud in backyard. Change Another Diaper,  Feed Baby Again.  Clean Baby Again. Nurse Baby Again. Clean High Chair Again.  Load of Laundry. Baby's Nap.  Second Coat of Paint on Bookshelf.  Put Video on for Hudson. Blog. 
It's 1:00PM and I'm ready for bed.  The house looks like I have not done anything all day, toys everywhere because the bookshelf is in the driveway drying.  After Easton wakes up I will vac and look at the bills.  Then we are going out for dinner.   The spirit is willing but the flesh is too busy picking up after the baby ;0)

We have an eater.

Our baby has started to eat real food. "Finger Foods" they call it.  RIGHT!  I have never seen such a mess.  I know every parent goes through this, and it is cute how messy they get.  But this morning I stepped in pancake, not ON a pancake mind you, IN IT!  Yep, somehow  this deceptive mass, looked like a pancake but when stepped upon, it was actually some sort of mush that smeared all over the bottom of my foot.  I let out a yelp and my bright blue -eyed babe squealed with delight.  Gross, and yet very cute.   At least the pictures we have of our "eater" make the mess worth all the clean up ;0)