Gift Giving


A few years back I thought I would like to try making gifts for Birthdays and Christmas.  It seemed to go over pretty well so we have been doing that now for about three years.  My son (six) gets upset sometimes and wishes I would just buy something for his friends parties (I do for boys, but not for the girls).  I told him we can give them a better gift if I make it because I can use alot of things I already have and we couldn't buy them as nice of a gift.  So he is slowly getting the picture, I hope.  I have really enjoyed it.  I try to put alot of thought into them and it has really become a joy to give little homemade pieces of myself.  Too sappy I know!  This year I made aprons, aprons and more aprons.  For the ladies I made bags and make-up bags, pot holders, kitchen towels ect.  Here are some pics of this years gifts, hopefully they provide someone out there a little inspiration. Sorry about some of the photos -- I usually remember to take the pics right before putting them in the mail.






Here are two happy little apron models...








Men's Tactical Apron.  My dad likes to hunt and cook, so I made him this apron that says "I've got Game in the Kitchen".  I wish I had a better picture of the whole thing.



It was a little tricky getting through all those tuff fabric layers....






These next ones are not from this year, but i love them so I had to share...IMG_0049.jpg





Week of Craigs

I have not been blogging this week because I have been Craigslisting.  We rent the upstairs of our Church Parsonage.  The church preschool is in the downstairs.  There have been some minor inconveniences to this arrangement, like the time we found a strange truck in front of our house and the night ended with a heat seeking helicopter flying over head, (I know I, know!  that's not a life of perpetual probability, well, my mom was here so the Law of Perpetual Improbability was in full force).  Mostly we have had advantages to having the preschool downstairs like gabbing with the teacher before and after school.  I have really enjoyed visits with the teachers...oh, and parents too.  I will miss that.  The preschool will be moving into the garage which will hopefully get renovated this summer, and allow me to continue gabbing.  Our downstairs is now getting converted into the Youth Room which is REALLY great since my husband is the Youth Pastor and we host youth group every Wednesday night!  I am so excited to see how our youth room will turn out.  So far our first night worked great!!!! There were some old play clothes from preschool that the teacher said I could give to the teens.  So they were all dressing up.  One of the guys had a skirt around his ankles and was jumping around with his feet stuck together?  I don't know, I just work here.

ANYWAY, this conversion required us to sell lots of old preschool things on Craigs.  We got a couch and loveseat donated for the youth room, only to find out after much turmoil that the couch was too big to fit through the door.  We put it on Criags and it was gone in 1 hr!  We have two people coming tonight to look at things and had two people last night.  It has been a busy week!  Hopefully, I can get a few projects done this next week.  I am in process of choosing a new paint color and trim color for the upstairs.  There are sample splotches painted all over the walls...so I REALLY NEED to get some project time this week!


+++ Oh yea, not to leave you hanging.  The truck incident consisted of two guys parking in our driveway because it said "Preschool" so they thought there was no one there as it was after business hours.  I came home from Bible Study and thought we were being robbed.  We called the police.  They came and searched the truck and found a warm subway sandwich and a wallet.  Since people generally don't leave that in their truck after they searched the house, they began to look all over the church property and in the woods and swamp.  I was tucking the kids into bed when my mom began telling Hudson that the helicopter outside was looking for the guys in the truck.  (she also told him he better pick up the toys so the police don't think he keeps a messy room).  I laughed and said what!? Thinking she was trying to tell Hudson a cool story.  She said no I heard them talking about it.  So I went out side and sure enough they were looking for the owners of the truck with a heat signature helicopter.  The helicopter happened to be out on a training session so they came over to look for these guys.  They guys finally came back.  They had been at the neighbors house up the road.  There was a party and no parking, so they parked at the church.  They must have heard the helicopter.  Our life is not like this, but my mom's is so I laughed and told her it was all her fault.  She comes out for a visit and we have crazy impossible things happen-- The Law of Perpetual Improbability strikes again!