You know your a mom of boys when...

These are all true events, but not just with my boys, but brothers and cousins too.
  • You sit down to use the bathroom and find a booger on the shower curtain.
  • You sit down to use the bathroom only to realize he DIDN'T LIFT the seat.
  • You have to explain that your legs are not the interstate for hot wheels.
  • You are folding CLEAN laundry and find a sand filled sock or two.
  • You have to make the reminder that after bath we need to wear clothes.
  • You have uttered the words "We don't answer the door naked!" 
  • You are constantly reminding them to wear pants.
  • You understand that Legos are the greatest invention of all time!
  • The bathroom sink always looks like there is some form of science experiment taking place that involves any combination of the following items; food, toilet paper, toothpaste, lotion or toilet water.
  • You have to explain the dangers of booger eating.  (I don't know them so I made some up).
  • You hear constant mouth sounds such as; truck sounds, clapping, hooting, and roaring.
  • You reach in your purse for your keys and pull out a monster truck.
  • Can't understand the need to break things to see what will happen.  Hello!  it broke!!!!
  • Finally, you know your a mom of boys when you find all of these frustrations endearing and know you will miss them all one sad day. God bless our little men!

The Un-argument

The Un-argument Definition: Making a point about something only to realize that although it was worth mentioning, you didn't notice all the progress being made in the area mentioned.  In other words Hubby was two steps ahead of me.  The lesson learned: Mention it sooner, I would have had a better attitude and he would have had an easier time knowing what exactly I wanted.  Sounds like Newlywed 101 when you put it in basic terms, maybe the principles are the same, but just different subjects as you are married longer ;0)  Just had to post, because my guy is a trooper.  Just giving you props babe.  
Hmmm "props" maybe one of those phrases that I use that makes my 22 year old brother burst into laughter.  Like when I say "holla" or "yo what up dog" while sounding like a mom.  My poor kids!  I have the knack for making catch phrases sound so uncool.  They are doomed.  The worst part, I am so going to enjoy using them in front of their friends;0)
There's a rabbit trail for ya!