Headband Holder

My step sister asked about headband holders for her girls.  I'm so glad she did, I never would have thought to go looking around for such a practical idea. We e-mailed back and forth a few ideas that we found out in blog land and then decided the oatmeal container headband holder  looked like the way to go.  I told her I would make them for the girls for Christmas this year.  I was a little nervous because I was not sure how these would turn out...but I LOVE THEM!  I looked at a number of blogs to discover that I liked the clean look of the ones made with the scrap booking paper over the fabric ones.  Maybe it is because I have all boys, but I just was afraid that the paper would get scratched and tear and just wouldn't last.  Having covered lampshades before, I thought why not try using that method?  After I finished, I thought these are so fun and simple I have to share so others can make them too!

So here is what I did:

Fabric the width around and height of your container
Ribbon - cut 2 the width around your container
Can of Spray Adhesive, find at craft store or store with craft section
Large Ribbon to make bow for top
Large needle
Rotary cutter if you have one or good scissors and ruler.

Measure around the oatmeal can and measure the height from bottom to the lip edge.  You are NOT going to have to wrap fabric under or inside of the container.   Make sure to use a rotary cutter or to cut VERY straight!  If you get the cut right, it will wrap around like a dream. LIGHTLY iron the fabric you just cut.  On one side fold the edge over and iron the fold, this will be the seam that goes up the side of the container.

Don't worry about the top and bottom, the ribbon will cover those edges. Take the fabric outside and lay on a paper bag. Using spray adhesive go to town.  You don't want to saturate it till it is soaked, but you want a really thick layer especially around the edges and that folded seam.  Wait a few minutes so it gets nice and tacky.  Match the top corner to lay right under the container lip.  Make sure it is making a straight edge down the length of the container and wrap.  I did mine in the air and let gravity help me wrap the fabric as I rolled the container and smoothed out the bubbles and lines as I went.

Then I did the same spray adhesive on the ribbon and attached the ribbon to the top and bottom to cover the edges.  I saw a number of ways to decorate the tops, but some kind of looked messy or were trying too hard.

So I left it alone for a cleaner look and just attached bows.  I was not sure if they would like that or not, but I did not want to leave it plain and the nice thing about this project is if they hate the lid....they can swap it out the next time they buy oatmeal;0)

For the lid I used string and a super huge needle to stitch through the lid and the bow.

I just separated the string into two pieces to tie the knot at the end.  I made sure to tie it off three-four times.

There you have it a super fun, easy craft for little girls that little girls can even make for their friends birthday's too...