Busy Summer

Summer has been flying by and I realized I have many projects to post. I will try and work on that this week. Teaser: I have curtains now for the living room, Easton's Letters are painted, progress on the bedroom makeover, some other spray painting projects are finished as well as some sewing projects and links of new inspiration to share.

Today I got set up on to Pintrest and got lost all evening pinning things to my boards. What a fun way to keep track of your inspirations! Now I need to go and clean up all my bookmarks and add them to my Pintrest boards! If you have not checked out Pintrest, I highly recommend it! My sis-in-law is the one who introduced me to it-such inspiration!

The other thing I have been up to is spending a little time on Ancestry.com! We originally got on to help Micah's Grandpa find some family names and then I started looking for everyone related to me. As I began to find more interesting information, I decided to really get into looking up my mom's family tree and share it with her for her birthday. She has always been keeping track of documents and family history and it was so fun to tell her all the information I was able to find. I even saw WWI draft cards for two of my Great Great Grandpas! Apparently, one of my Grandparents lied to make himself younger so he could serve? How cool!

Fall Teaser: My plans for the fall include...well soccer for Hudson so that might take up some time ;0) But decor wise... painting and organizing of the sewing room, finally painting that china hutch (ran into some snags there, so it will be tricky), possible bathroom makeover? Another Christmas of hand-made gifts, and some hand made Christmas decor and tree ornaments. Them is some pretty big goals-we will see how many I can accomplish.

I have been learning to not get too crazy with trying to keep my goals-especially blog/decor related. I begin to get stressed out with my to do list, which is silly because it is all fun unnecessary stuff. Sometimes I am a stress junkie and I have allowed it to take a toll on my health at times. I have to constantly ask the Lord to help me hand that back over. Its a real pain. So I'm beginning to see the unnecessary stress I place on myself for things and try and cut back. My blog suffers for it and so do many other aspects of my life. But I'm learning balance and that's what life is-balance. Balance with food, exercise, standards, time, relationships, stress you name it too much of anything isn't good -even too many carrots (just ask my son).

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