Pipe Bench-How to

My brother Christian said I needed to post a tutorial for my new DIY bench. So here we go!

We have wanted a bench in the bathroom for a few years now.  Seems that we are always looking for a place to set clothes at bath time or a place to put the bucket of bath toys.  We can never seem to find one the right size or price.  After seeing a picture of a pipe bookshelf I did a little Pinterest research and decided on which legs and feet and style we would like and made my trip to the hardware store.
This project was REALLY easy and took only about 10 minutes to assemble it all.

Here is what I used:
All the pipes are black iron and 1/2 inch
4- elbows
8-flanges (the most expensive part)
4-12 inch long pipes
6-4 1/2 inch long
1 -2X10 board

The flanges were the most expensive part.  You can use pipe caps for feet instead to save some cash, but I REALLY wanted them!

First I stenciled on the board, then sanded it and rubbed it with two coats of Danish Oil to darken it a little. I used Danish oil because it is what I had on hand.

Then I assembled the pipes by screwing them together and then I put the board on top...that's it!  You might want to pre-drill holes before screwing the flanges into the wood. With a little math you can configure this concept into a coffee table, bookshelf or even a dinning table!

And there you go!  An EASY, fairly inexpensive, solid piece of furniture that will just look better the more your kids beat it up!