$0 Bedroom Makeover

Maybe I should call it the "I finally cared what my bedroom looks like" makeover? I was visiting Nester and gazing at pictures of her fantastic home. I came across her write up of the importance of your Master Bedroom. Well...lets just say it was something I really needed to hear. So begins the journey to a decluttered, relaxing bedroom. What better decorating project for me do in time for Valentine's Day! Of course, if I am going to go and spend decorating money it's going to be on something for a main room of the house. Therefore the bedroom is going to have to be a $0 makeover. Please keep in mind this is still in some need of help. I did not pick up or buy ANYTHING. I might go and do that later, but for now this is what I had on hand....

Headboard before... (of course I forgot to take one of the room before...)



The pillows are from the living room. I really only use one of them on the bed because my Hubby hates lots of pillows, but in my mind THIS is how the bedroom looks and occasionally I will move the pillows over to free up the couch;0)

IMG_1768.jpgI am going to cover the bench in this stripe fabric and add some more ribbon to the other set of curtains.

I ran out of white spray paint - sinful I know! So I used blue paint on the lamps, but I don't like it. I couldn't decide what color to do the headboard in. I wanted it to be white but the curtains are white and right behind it. I have a greenish tan color in storage I might try later but for now we went with Coffee Bean. I never would have picked this color, but I asked my sis-in-law what she thought as she is braver about color than I. She suggested a dark brown, sure enough a past project allowed me to dig up this color. Although, I mentioned I am not sure if I like it on THIS headboard. I might go paint the door in the basement and use it as the headboard instead because I really do like the contrast of the darker brown. And I LOVE the brown side table.


As you can see in the above picture, the lamp shades looked terrible in this room so... I made some petals out of an old sheet, sewed them in a line and wrapped it around the shade using glue on the corners. Again, $0 was the key here.


Here's a picture with both the side tables...Um I am still working on that last lamp shade ;0)

We still have some decluttering to do, but it is already beginning to be more peaceful in there since we got the computers out! I now have empty dresser tops and I can't decide yet what to put on them. Once I get everything done, I'll post a little update.

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  1. I absolutely love the color scheme!!! It is so rich and yet relaxing, just love it :) Your lamp shade fix was extremely clever, I so wish I was handy with a sewing machine. Headboard looks brand new, overall great job! :)