Dinning Room Getting Closer!

Last spring I painted my wall to look like wallpaper, using leftover paint. I absolutely love how it turned out, but I have been having trouble finding something to hang on it and accessorizing the buffet bellow the wine rack.


It has been very frustrating. I still need to figure out how I want the buffet accessories, but hopefully that process will be easier now that that huge old mirror is not sitting on the surface. I went brousing over at Nesters blog, and I noticed her "dwell" chalkboard and I just love it! For some reason I always think kitchen for chalkboard. Why have I never thought of hanging one in my dinning room? Seems so simple, they do it all the time in the PB catalogue. A few months ago I spray painted some old frames white to have a wall of empty white frames (which did not end up working out for me, what a blunder...lets not go there). So off I went and grabbed the largest of the frames and sanded it down some.


Then I took the old picture that was in there (which was stuck to cardboard), I turned it around and sprayed chalk board paint on it and slapped it on the wall. I still need to work on the buffet accessories, (as you can see my children don't want the candy canes to leave yet).


Maybe down the road I will find something I like better for this wall but for now my 5 minutes and $0 solution makes me smile. That is my new design philosophy. I only want things in my house that make me smile or have some sort of emotion or attachment to them. I also have great emotion when I see the bills and so they are soon going to be finding a nice out of sight home in my entryway at the bottom of the stairs where I will never see them or pay them. Well...unfortunately not never.


  1. Very impressed with your stencil work..and..I LOVE how it almost matches perfectly to your blog background :) The pictures of your home get me so excited to own a house someday..for now, I will keep my rented little place looking as good as I can on a budget ;)

  2. This comment made my day! We totally rent LOL! I thought your kitchen was so cute, I couldn't wait till we own a home so I can make a kitchen cute HAHA. We live in the parsonage that my hubby grew up in. I just got permission to paint the trim in the house white. I am so excited - its going to look soo different! I'm keeping the stenciled wall though. I got the stencil from Michaels for $10 and used leftover paint. It's just a small accent wall so it took me one long night to get it done. When we move I can paint right over it. I highly recommend it. I'm thinking of doing a graphic stencil in the bedroom. Everything in that picture was around or under $15 and collected over time (except for the wine glasses). Everything else - dirt cheap, I don't really think small budget when decorating I think how free can I get it done for LOL!