Super Man!

So the other day I was feeling really tired. Not capable of going out errand running or park jumping. I thought hey, lets watch the old Super Man! That will be fun! I don't remember it being that bad!
Well, I probably would have waited a little longer for him to see it had I remembered it all, but it did bring up ALOT of questions. I forgot that in the beginning the whole planet dies. And that it does not just show it blowing up, but people falling off of cliffs with this red scary haze. It was a little intense. So once the questions about why the people were all dying were over. We see baby superman in the space ship and the Kents find him and he is naked, yep complete frontal. Hudson thought it was funny and seemed a little weirded out. I was too. Here is a naked two year old! So I explained that he is just a baby and that he didn't have clothes that fit. So next Jonathan dies. Can open worms EVERYWHERE! What happens after you die? Why is he going in the ground? I was happy to take this opportunity to explain what a soul is and why it does not matter where our body goes when it dies, because the soul never dies. So I dont know what I think about watching Superman. It turned out ok? But it is hard to watch your little one discover the sad facts of life. But I would rather him discover them with his parents than with kids at school or video games? I don't know? Thoughts anyone??
He only had one more question, through out the movie he was counting Superman's resuces. When the plane was about to crash he asked why it was happening. Realizing that we fly home occasionally to visit my family I told him, they needed to pretend alot of things were going wrong so Superman would have something to do for the movie. Too honest??

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