Birds and Strangers...

So this past Monday, I let Hudson go on the deck and paint father's day presents for dad and grandpas'. When I went out to check on him after getting fresh water for his brushes, I noticed the deck had been painted. He told me that while wringing out the paper towel it got on the deck. I could see drops where this had happened, but I explained that it did not explain the brush strokes. He said a number of things and I kept pressing for the truth. I said did a bird do it or something. We laughed and then he proceeded to assure me of the truth of the paper towel story. Knowing that he was lying. I explained how that was impossible. So he told me a bird came by and did it, "and that's the truth mom!" I tried to keep my composure. A Bird! Right! Try again Mr. I told him to go to his room. Then he said ok I'll tell you the truth. A person came up here and did it! THAT is the TRUTH mom! By this time, as funny as these stories were getting, the sadness of a little sinful heart was more than enough, so to his room he went. Crying all the way I'm telling the truth!!!! What on earth?!!? So there you go, Birds and Strangers are painting my deck!

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