I am on a new mission to learn about Godly Self-Esteem.  It is every where now.  Think of yourself, do something for you and you owe it to yourself, have a good self image and LOVE YOURSELF.  I know you should have a good self image, but how far is too far.  Is today's LOVE yourself philosophy even Biblical at all?  I thought I was to put others first.  And how as a mom can you keep from letting yourself go and at the same time put yourself last.  Luckily, I seem to be among the masses of moms trying to find the correct balance, but in doing so I had to look and say wait!  The encouraged emphasis on taking time for myself seems to be all about self.  Is this nothing more than humanism?  And the need to purchase something nice so I feel better about my self image, materilism?  Where is the balance?  How can I live as a Godly woman and still take time to present myself with care, and love who God made me to be.  How thin should I really be?  How "maintenance" is "high-maintenance"?  How how much is vanity and how much is self preservation?
So far on my journey not many answers just questions.  But I am on a mission now to find the answer to which I think is nothing more than BALANCE, but how much?

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