Submission or Not Submission THAT is the Question...

Submission is not being in agreement.  Submission is doing what another wishes in spite of your will to do something else.  Then doing it with the right attitude.   
So I know the whole uprising of people who freak out about women submitting to their husbands, but we as Christians are to submit to one another anyway right? So who cares. But for the sake of argument I just want to talk about submission to my fellow brother in Christ who I happen to live with, is that going to be a crime? Now that we settled that....

I have this theory on the wife's role that keeps growing and mutating to various depths and it is very awing to me.  So part of the curse is that the wife would want to be over her husband?  Of course most women have accomplished that.  But when you think about submission you think about this small women in an apron (probably a cute vintage one...) ...anyway, this woman is being forced to do things against her will and does them with out thinking or having a mind of her own.  What a weak person, we think.   But really when you think of the phrase "behind every great man is a great woman"  What does that mean?  What is that woman doing? Having no opinion in life? Hen pecking him to death?  The more I learn about submission, the more I see that God not only gave us ladies the specific purpose of being a help meet (that great woman behind the great man) but he gave us tons of POWER by doing do.  Yes we have POWER!  More than we know or want!  Think about it, hen peck and nag your hubby to death.  You have just stripped him of his self-worth.  You are now the contentious woman behind the shell of a man.  Yep, your in control, so if he has no spine, you better take credit.  I think I get to be that blunt, because I spent countless hours our first few years of marriage "training" my hubby.  Much of which was at the encouragement of other Christian wives!   Let your husband walk all over you and everyone, never telling him your opinion or being the iron that sharpens him, wow, you helped create a control freak.  Countless times I have seen women truly be a help meet to their husband.  Helping them to fulfill their calling in life. I have seen women dress their husbands because you dress for the job you want not the job you have.  Left to himself the poor man might have got a demotion, not because he is an idiot with out a woman, but because he is focused on the one thing at hand, learning his craft.  God knew this and gave the poor man a help meet to make sure the little things didn't fall through the cracks.  Did God give him a slave?  NO!  Did God give him a commander, NOPE.  A mom, well yes but her job is pretty much done, it is not time for a new model.  I get so frustrated with commercials these days.  The man is the stupidest person in the whole family.  Good thing his wife and kids are there or the poor man wouldn't know how to use a paper towel.  
So the submission thing, I have it pretty easy, Micah does not really ask for alot of things.  Although today, I decided that I should do something his way just because he asked.  Now before you think I am a martyr I should say. I was upset about the result (not about doing it, but about the possible side effect).  So looking back I realize my attitude should have been better to actually call it submission.  I know I feel much better when he has a submissive attitude in doing things for me, it feels more like he is doing them out of love.  So this got me thinking about some other recent decisions I have made to do things around the house.  I decided one should be a priority because I know it is important to him.  He has never asked me to do it (he knows his place j/k), but that is what I have come to love most about my hubby.  Much like my Creator, I find more hints at things he would like or that please him, not a demand to fulfill a request I am not ready for.  And if I have the heart to just see that and do it, I am not really asked to do it, it just happens.  So doing something without being asked, is that submission or agreement? Well, I don't know.  I still hate doing the chore, but I know Micah likes it so much when it is done and it makes his life easier.  Since he is out winning the bread, maybe it is about me making his life easier?  
What a correlation.  Ruin people's idea of submission and ruin their idea of God.  If submission was mindless obedience, wouldn't that just make God a terrible tyrant?  BUT if submission is actually showing love by doing something that pleases the other without being asked.  Well, that paints the picture of a loving and patient God who gently cares for us to grow closer to Him.  Now of course there are times that something needs to be said, but really God has never come at me with judgement, but a still small voice.  Sometimes that voice is so right that my guilt makes me feel just wretched, but God just loves me as I am and little by little is growing me by letting me know what pleases Him.

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