The House

So we have picked up a few pieces of furniture and have been trying to incorporate the old with the new and have it look somewhat cohesive. I have been cohorting with friends over the phone and e-mailing pictures asking advice and what not. So here is what it looks like to date. I stopped in a local shop and asked some advice and they told me to just keep adding layers, so here is layer 2? or maybe just 1-1/2 . The biggest challenge has been finding a place for everything since we got rid of all our storage pieces. We still have a few things stacked on the floor, but most of it seems to be finding a new home slowly. I'm posting these mostly for Nome so she doesn't have to get 15 e-mails from me with pics asking what she thinks ;0)

Kitchen: Just realized I have my broken pizza stone in the picture, oops.

Grandma's Secretary Desk:

The Kid Corner:

The TV:
Window Seating:

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