So I have decided that it might be cheaper to grocery shop by cuisine.  Last week we found this to be the case as we had Mexican all week, Burrito Bowls, Enchilada Lasagna, Nachos and Tortilla Soup.  This week GREEK WEEK!   I'm so excited to try a cuisine I have never made before! Last night we had Beef and Feta Orazo with flatbread and then made Feta Flatbread Pizzas for an appetizer and of course we had to kick off our greek week with Baklava!   And I am being kind of absurd about it too.  You know randomly shouting GREEK WEEK!  Micah was not acting excited, so I told him if he was not into it I could just skip all the work and make him boxed mac and cheese.  He joined in the excitement and seems to genuinely be loving GREEK WEEK!!!  He even ate tomatoes tonight on my Greek 7 Layer Dip.  I have no idea what we are eating tomorrow.  But if I can't think of anything... "that's ok, I make Lamb".

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