One of THOSE days..

Today was another one of THOSE days...we have been having them all week.  The kiddos are super, super cute doing things that I have to just tell everyone about.  Then the next minute it is like war broke out.  They are growing again and when they grow they get smarter and their will gets stronger.   The oldest thinks he know more than mom and dad and he is not always wrong. He has caught me a few times recently.  I thought this was supposed to happen around the age of 8?!?!  Now I'm dreading the age of 8!  He has picked up some "smart mouthing"  from some kids at school and I can't believe the daring attitude he has now.  I nearly fell off my chair last night when he said to Micah "You DONT KNOW DAD!" or something to that effect.  On the flip side, when he says it he realizes by the look of shock on our face that it is unacceptable and he repents of it right away.  In fact, he has been really having a sensitive heart about all sorts of things. Really, coming and telling me something he did and then apologizing for it.  I LOVE that!  Training him to understand for himself what is right and wrong-that is the goal! So I love this new tender heart I see.  But when war happens it really does.  And boy did we have a war today!
Bad parenting?  Too strict?  Not strict enough?  I just hate this kind of week. 
 I end up not enjoying the cute things they do as much because I am feeling so wretched for the bad stuff. Wondering did I do the right thing, or knowing that I was lazy and let too much slide.  
No one's parents are perfect.  As you get older you realize some faults in your parents, most are small and you just try to learn from them.  Occasionally, one might see a battle that needs picking.  But after a day like today, and realizing the pressure of last minute parenting decisions and having to do them for 18 years.  I say if our parents want to run through the streets naked, eating chocolate covered whatever on a stick, while playing a banjo.  Then let them!  They have earned the right to have some eccentricities!  And I plan on stacking them up if I ever succeed that far!
Sorry for the rant.  Just one of THOSE days...

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