Not the Perfect Mom.

Ok a very awkward personal post here. Every so often I hear/read comments like, "Oh, you are just the perfect mom!" or "I can tell you are a really wonderful mom". While these comments REALLY ARE very encouraging to me, it also causes some discomfort. I am not the perfect mom. People who know me and see me on a daily basis know better. Feels really conceited to even have a post like this, but some people seem to have gained a skewed image of who I am because of my posts on Facebook (perhaps the blog too?).

Here's the thing: I read blogs and think WOW these women are amazing! They are super heros!!! Perfect, clean houses, lovely children the whole family does craft projects and fun activities together. They always make yummy, healthy food too! They are PERFECT MOMS! They are PERFECT HOUSEKEEPERS! Then they post a picture of how their house really looks and it's so refreshing to know they are normal. Blogs and Facebook posts are not the complete picture- they are just a piece of it. The piece of life that we want to share and remember.

"Oh but Dannie, you always are doing so much, you do all of these projects". First of all, they take me forever to finish because life happens. Second, projects help me get through tough days! Sometimes it's why I get up in the morning. I have Fibromyalgia and therefore many days it would just be easier to stay in bed so the projects help me get excited enough to get going and make breakfast and lunches and do something besides sit on the couch all day. (Although, somedays being a good mommy is sitting on the couch for me because my youngest is big on cuddles and if he has a day where he needs cuddles then I just have to sit and hold him--which is my most favorite day.) I could list all the things I do bad and the things I need to do better. The point of this post is not to depress myself about who I am, but to let those people who might have a misconception know that I am just like the other mothers out there who want the best for their children, but fall short of their goals. Maybe that is being a good mom- TRYING. I would hate for someone to think they need to measure up to me--as anyone who lives near me can attest I'm just treading water like the rest.

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