My creative brother

My brother the creative type LOL!  He comes up with the most original ideas, I love it.  It's crazy too that we have completely different ideas and takes on things.  Like day and night.  He wanted to do a nice display as a gift for a friend and he asked my help.  It feels so good when someone who is more creative than you asks for your advice. Anyway, here is our joint effort (he really did all the work, I only made some minor suggestions).  I wish the photo was more clear, but you get the idea.  Isn't it great!  He was trying for a kind of Juicy Couture meets Christmas kind of feel. When he sent me this pic of the final product, I couldn't believe how it turned out!  He did a fantastic job!!!

He found everything at the dollar store, or the thrift store!  Except that little flower ring in the jewelry box which I found online for him at Forever 21 for 3.99!!! (my contribution LOL)


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