Teacher Treats

I have been having more fun on Pinterest! I found a few ideas that inspired some teacher treats the first week of school.

It started when I saw these three pins.

Pinned Image
 I found these teacher treats here 

and then this cute apple card here

When I stumbled upon this idea for homemade microwave popcorn here.  
I just had to pass this idea around!

healthy snacks popcorn 
Put them together and what do you get....

 These guys and maybe some happy teachers.  Inside the bag was another bag with 1/2 cup un-popped popcorn, along with microwaving instructions from the above mentioned blog.

Don't forget our secretary!

~ Give a teacher a snack and feed them for snack time. Show a teacher how to make their very own Microwave Popcorn and you give them snacks for life.

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