Looking at Christmas Decor

So I KNOW it seems early, but it comes so quickly!  We (the ladies of the family) usually sit down before Thanksgiving and decide who has which Holiday and how we are all splitting up the food duties.  I take Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, usually Christmas Day.  It gives me a reason to get out all the decor, because some years, I wonder...... but I do like the kiddos to have memories of mom going all out!  We decorate the tree and then have candy canes in hot chocolate, just like when I was growing up.  Here are some pictures from our Christmas decor last year...

After being inspired by the "Homespun Christmas" look that I was seeing in the Christmas catalogs.  I got some ribbon in red and grinch green and tied it to all my green, gold, red and silver ornaments to update my colors a little.  It cost $3 instead of going and buying the current color of ornaments.  (The colors were inspired by Ballard Designs, and the ribbon hangers by Pottery Barn).  Pottery Barn even had ribbon attached to bells hanging on the tree.  I had some of those bells from a previous year that I had bought at the dollar store.

 I could not justify paying 20-30 for a cheaply made tree skirt.  So I made this one after reading a tutorial over at Shanty2chic.  It added to the "homespun"feel along with my brown paper packages.  (we did have some brightly wrapped ones appear later for the kiddos)

Again with the catalogs: Ballard Designs had the burlap stockings.  I loved them instantly, but again why pay $30 when burlap is so cheap?  So these guys were made.

 I have some sort of complication with making a wreath.  'Grandma' Connie came over and in less than a minute she fixed my disaster.  I still don't know how, despite her patient explanation.

When she came over she brought me this cute little ginger bread man.  He moved from room to room with me so I could look at him!  I LOVE this little guy, he looks great no matter where you put him!  (Connie is a lady in our Church, she is fabulous at all kinds of things and we all call her Grandma Connie.  She has her own grandchildren, but we just kind of adopted her as another one of our grandmothers.)


 Dinning room...  Funny to see the old catsup catsup and mustard paint colors... maybe it's more PB&J?

We went a little rustic to match the rest of the house.  The napkin holders were actually a wedding gift 10 years ago.  We still use them.

And what is Christmas Day with out Cocoa and goodies!!! Once everyone came there were alot more goodies of course!

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  1. so pretty danie! i love that darker shade of red and the berries..and the twigs..and the greenery, love it all! definitely reminds me of my christmas decorations. you should know, this post just got me so excited! :)