Fake Spider

Last year Hudson got this fake spider that was small enough to look real.  Since I like to prank with spiders a little, I kept him.  I put him in a jar up on the shelf where I keep my canning jars.

Every once in a while, I look for something on that shelf and spook myself out.  Each time I think, "Man, I really need to move that guy to a drawer".  Well today, one of my canning jars was in the living room (it usually holds colored pencils), there was that little spider.... only he wasn't fake.  I looked closer to make sure he was real, thinking maybe the boys moved the fake one?  Nope.  He's real and he put himself in a jar, very convient to get tossed out the door.  Now I really need to move the fake one before I get completely creeped out next time he surprises me!

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