An interesting conversation with the 3 year old.

My son was playing with his messy markers and he decided to paint his hands. The markers are washable so it is not that big of a deal, but we try to teach him we color on paper only. The washable markers are really great, but since they wash off easily they also wipe onto furniture easily too. So I just told Easton we needed to stop and wash his hands. He was very upset by this and was pouting and fussing while we washed. As he was drying his hands I asked if he wanted to go back to coloring, he told me he did not and then he said to me, "then I'm not going to live here!" "What?..." I said, "well, ok where are you going to live? Outside? Its very cold out there and it does get dark, but if that is where you want to live I guess that's ok. I will miss you though". He paused and said, "no I'll live here because I am your boy". I agreed and told him I would've really missed him, but if he did want to live outside I would help him pack. He assured me he wanted to live at home and I said ok. He then went and laid down in his room since his plan backfired. I went in and told him that I was so happy he decided to stay at home as I would miss him just terribly. He let me know again he was upset and that he was just going to take a nap. So I said night night and closed the door. 2 minutes later he is sitting by me on the couch as chipper as can be. I'm not totally sure what happened here today, but I am happy that my son is living at home warm and happy and that his hands are clean. I also pray he never leaves home on bad terms and NEVER lives outside unless camping or doing mission/charity work;0)

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