The Evening Journey

The air is damp and the night is quiet, but you can feel the excitement down at the pond. All the frogs are beginning their evening journey. They come by the tens (maybe even twenties and thirties). They begin the journey by hopping up the bank of the pond through the first field, up the hill and through yet another field. All this traveling is worth it to the frogs for the feast that awaits them. They make this journey nearly every night. Someone might look at this mob of frogs and be concerned that it is one of the 10 plagues of Egypt. Alas, the frogs are traveling for a purpose, the Great Feast! A feast so delectable, bugs of all types and sizes everything a growing frog needs- even a baby tree frog. Their little legs begin to get tired from such a long journey, but they muster up strength to cross over the pavement into the yard and finally into the flower bed. And so begins the frog neighborhood potluck! You see Danielle left the porch light on again tonight! The frog community is so grateful to their hostess that decide to thank her with a serenade! There is a tenor who stands out from the rest, he's a little off key, but he means well. Most of the frogs go back to the pond before morning. As for the few gluttons who were not able to make the journey back home, we wish them well tidings and safety from accidental death by shoe.

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