Our youngest little man is VERY into the movie CARS. Luckily our eldest already had the movie and the toys when little E came along. Easton rolls the cars everywhere. He carries them in his pockets, takes them to bed, and wants them to come in the car when we leave the house. Needless to say, we were beyond thrilled to find out that CARS 2 was coming out on E's Birthday!!! He is so excited! We are going to see the movie and then out for lunch. What better day for mom to give him his CARS blanket! We found the CARS fabric last fall and I have not been able to get this quilt started. Now with this BIG weekend coming, I had better get it finished. Here's the crazy plan: Monday, wash and iron fabric. Tuesday cut 40 large squares and 32 small squares. Wednesday sew together squares and top stitch. Thursday assemble blanket and stitch the ditch (really thats all I know how to do at this point, maybe I'll try something brave?). Friday, binding. Saturday present the soon to be beloved quilt! So far I am right on track! I will try and post progress pictures. Here is where we are at so far...

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