Apparently, I go through blogging spurts. After which I go through project spurts. We decided to paint the main rooms of the house. They kind of all connect so it was more of a requirement than a desire. That must be why it is taking so long ;0) What a huge improvement though!!! We have been painting trim too. I have a few teaser pics to share.
Here is the before color, kind of a gold color.
The entry way before (we never painted it).
Here are the afters... well almost afters...still alot of work to do ;0)

Like the shirtless, baby and the basket of Laundry ;0)

Well that's where I have been lately, painting. We've had alot going on so we have been taking the project very slow. I mean REALLY slow, we lived like this for almost a month....

Sad. As, much as I love projects, decorating and blogs. Real life happens and real life comes first ;0)

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  1. love the color! what brand/name is it bc i think i want to use it :) it looks wonderful!