So, I have admired Nesters blog for quite some time and I know that many other blogs LOVE her curtains and try to replicate them. Well, I can't seem to get them out of my mind either! I LOVE these curtains.
I have VERY large windows and it is so hard to buy curtains because I would need six panels just for the living room windows. So, I decided to venture out in search of large striped fabric and get on the Nester curtain bandwagon. Finding fabric was harder than I thought it would be. Last week I found some I liked and I ordered 13 yards!!! I nearly hyperventilated after. I buy fabric alot but I never pay that kind of cash at once let alone on one fabric, that I have not seen in person !!! I did get a great deal though! It would have cost me alot more to buy panels!
I'm so excited/nervous to see how they turn out. We have a formal leather sofa and I think striped curtains would add a little fun into the mix.
Now for some more color...

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