My New Lamp

Of course I got too excited about this project to bother with a before picture (ugh!) I picked up this lamp at Goodwill. It was a very ugly old brass lamp. The Goodwill out here is a little frustrating. Usually there is not much there because the DIY-ers pick through it all pretty fast, and they are also pretty expensive believe it or not. Ugly old pictures are like $30! So I was surprised to find this lamp for 4.99. There is a before and after of the lampshade though...


We decided to name him Steve. He brightens up our living room - oops haha -no pun intended.

This is a super easy project! Get a lamp, get some spray paint. Tape off the cord and top socket. Spray in light layers so you don't have drips. Do a few coats..

For the lamp shade get ye some spray adhesive! (amazing stuff never be at home without it!!!) Get a lamp shade and a chunk of fabric. Spray the lampshade outside and slowly roll the fabric onto the shade smoothing out bubbles. Trim anything that is hanging over, or fold it under. Add trim if you like. You can also use some more fabric and fold it on itself to use as trim.

Here is a picture of my friend Naomi's lamp. She had all these beautiful vintage clothes, and she just loved the fabrics. So we took one of the dresses, an old lamp and made this lamp shade. Now she has some funky 60's inspired lighting.




  1. Thanks Bekah!!! So good to hear from you! Thanks for following my blog ;0)

  2. This looks amazing. That fabric is to die for. Oh and guess what, I think I own his sister...check her out here and see what you think.


  3. Very cute! You did a great job. Love the orange.

    Tks for stopping by. I enjoyed exploring your blog.