Toy Closet

So when my oldest was two years old, I made a toy cabinet, but as the birthday's and Christmases brought us more and more, we grew out of the cabinet and the toys took over the house. Then I saw this post at 320 Sycamore and thought hey, we could fit in a closet!

Thus... our new toy closet.


We moved all the coats out and put them in the sewing room closet. This closet is more of a central location and the boys can take the bins to the living room, their room or the sewing room and play. I already had a bunch of the bins, so we bought a few more. The shelving cost $16.

For the labels, I just printed on scrapbook paper I had and used packing tape to stick them on. Now we have organization (if not slightly OCD).


The Kids LOVE IT! They can see everything!


They have to ask to get things down, but they don't seem to mind it. When Mom takes things down she takes time out and helps them set up the road or whatever they need and they like that (and so do I). I like that we have less on the floor. We try to pick up one thing before we get another. (I am not strict on that, but I try to keep no more than three open at a time, because they are little boys and we are learning to pick up ;0) Some day I am going to paint the inside so it looks really cute .... Mmmm what color??? Suggestions welcome ;0)

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