Happy Birthday Bro!

Today is my baby bother's birthday. He's 24 now!
He is such a sweetie, a little boy on the inside and I just love it!

He is one of those creative types LOL! More so than me. He isn't just crafty and able to copy things, he is a true artist.
Anyway, he LOVES Alice in Wonderland and told me he wanted his kitchen to have labels on everything saying drink me and clean me and so on. He asked for some rags that said wash me. So here is what I made him for his birthday.

Now that I made it, I want one to hold my keys or kitchen towels.
This was the easiest project. Frame from Michaels ($1). First I used craft paint and painted it brown, Then I used an Ivory spray paint and sanded it down, I mean REALLY sanded it down. Then I bought some antique bronze hooks from Walmart. They came in a pack of 2 for under $3. The screws that came with it were too long,so I got some 1/2 inch screws. The only problem was that they were silver. So I used antique bronze spray paint and sprayed them to match. Here is a close up picture, you can't tell the difference.
I just printed the verse on scrap-booking paper. The rags (he wanted them to look old and scrappy) are cut pieces of paint drop-cloth. I edged them with a decorative stitch on the machine (because I was hoping to get them to look intentionally scrappy). For the words I just used a sharpie marker. I thought about using my machine for the words, but I was afraid it would not look hand written like the movie ;0)

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