Just about fashion...

I get the opportunity to see alot of teens in the area.  I really love the artistic ways they are expressing themselves with clothing.  Really, if you cant wear it at 16 then your out of luck!
But some people can wear the strangest things and look like they are just expressing themselves and another person can wear a mainstream trend and look like a complete fashion victim.  Why is this?  Today I was in a "nicer side of town"  and saw a lady in a nice sweater with cute tweed capris and heels.  In theory this would work on someone.  I have seen it look amazing on some people, not sure if it is still a really current trend, but anyway, it can be cute.  This woman just looked disheveled and all wrong.  The ensemble screamed GETTO!  I felt so bad for her.  She was pretty, of normal weight, but her feet were sliding out the toes of her shoes and her pants were wrinkled and the sweater was nice, but it just didn't seem fresh.  i figured she just must work in the area.  But then she had a killer bag!  Next in line there was another lady wearing cream snake skin flats, with grey leggings, grey above the knee Jersey dress and a light grey sweater.  Just a simple outfit, but she looked like she came off the runway.  Such a cute outfit I wanted a picture to take home so I could study it.  So I began thinking (I was waiting in line while my friend was in play-land with my boys, that is why I had all this time to think).
Why is it not what you wear as much as how you wear it and how can I keep from looking like the first woman or any other fashion  victim and look more like the second lady, effortlessly simple elegant.  And the terror how do I come off?  Like the tired disheveled carcass that I feel like almost every day? 

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