So it is Time...

...I cannot resist the force any longer. I'm blogging now. I have no idea why, but maybe that is the point. I'm convinced that I am the last person on earth to blog.  This is not one of those things I do because everyone does it (yep, I still do that).  I just have been thinking about it because every now and then I have a great thought and want to share it. For example, why do people think leggings are pants?  We made this mistake in the 80's everyone knows it was a mistake.  I thought we were free, but here I see a teenager wearing leggings with a shirt and puffy vest.  It doesn't look good, its not cool unless she is pretending to be a linebacker. Free yourself you fashion victim!!! And the number one shocker...skinny jeans don't work on everyone!!!!  Yes, it's true, you people out there getting confused by this fact.  
Now I have my chance to share those things. Except the first thing I did when I began to set up my blog... Freak out that my name was on it and people would know the inner workings of my brain!  I pride myself on the fact that I think I am mysterious, even if I am the only person who thinks so.  Which is most likely the reality of it since I talk so much ;0)  I thought I grew out of the excessive talking but I can always tell when I talk to much because my husband and my son both get this look on their face like they have no idea what I am saying.  It is at this point that I know I can stop.  Even mid sentence, because it is all garbled at that point.  But here, I guess I can ramble on and on... and on.  So here is to the blog and my desire to converse needlessly about endless things!

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  1. I LOVED this post! Many, if we got together again, we'd be rambling FOREVER! :-) I have a blog, too, but haven't been writing in it much lately. I'm going to add yours to my Google Reader!